Sunday, July 20, 2014


Hi babes! I had a lovely day yesterday.  I worked in the afternoon and then headed over to my friend Karoline's house for some pool time and some delicious dinner.  The sunset was absolutely beautiful and was reflected in the water. We made delicious pesto pizza and salad for dinner and lounged by the pool with some friends.

After my super relaxing evening I went over to Jenelle's place to meet up with a bunch of other friends.  My friend Julia's boy was in town from Portland and we were all excited to meet him.  It was a great night! 

This last photo was taken by Jordan Claverie on his super awesome camera 


Cheers to me watching twilight movies on the couch and recovering from last night on this fine Sunday. :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Unplugged Arts | Kid's Camp


This past week my mom asked/hired me to come take photos for her kids camp that she puts on each summer.  It is a performance arts camp that focuses around a performance that the kids do for parents at the end of the week.  Each kid picks a character and then they weave the characters together into an original storyline that is acted out through dancing and music rather than spoken word.  It is so fun to watch the kids explore their imaginations together using all the available props, costumes, and instruments.

These photos are from one of the rehearsal days, not the performance day, unfortunately.  I had to work at my new job (yay!) so I missed the actual performance.  I hope you enjoy the photos!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

High Sierra Music Festival

Hi pretty babies!

I got back from High Sierra Music Festival on Monday and have been sorting through the photos.  I was a brave little girl and brought my DSLR (big) camera.  I have had a couple friends get their small point-and-shoot cameras stolen at the festival so I was a bit nervous but I never left it in my tent.  It was always with me so I came home with it.  It definitely added a fun element to the festy.  I even asked a few stylish ladies if I could take their photos and gave them my new business cards.  It was all very official and fun. ;)

On the first day I had nothing to do because the booth I work for was already set up so Elliot and I went on an excursion to find some horses for me to take pictures of.  We found three gorgeous ones down the road that were very social and sweet.

The highlight of the festival was definitely seeing Lauryn Hill play on Friday night.  I have grown up on her music (both her solo stuff and her stuff from The Fugees).  I was so overwhelmed to be seeing her in person.  She is one of my favorite artists and I never imagined that I would be able to see her in concert.  I still feel so lucky and ecstatic to have added that to my memory bank.

Another awesome occurrence was that Tyson and I saw a bear on Saturday night.  We left the festival fair grounds and walked up this road that overlooked the festival.  The road was right up against the forest and I mentioned that we could see a mountain lion… instead it was a bear! As soon as it saw us it headed up the hill away from us.  It was the first bear I've seen in the wild.  I was pretty freaked out for a bit but then I was just stoked to have seen it.

I had such an amazing time with my friends.  This was my sixth High Sierra.  Each one has been so different and marks my growth each year.  It has become a tradition and having some of my friends who used to come every year come back this year like Ada, Aleah, and Jahlelah made it that much more special.

Thanks to everyone who made it one for the books! Love yous!

Party Bucket Master - Elliot Alden

Luckily there was a room in one of the buildings at the festival that played the World Cup games

I wish the game yesterday had been as happy…

I spy with my little eye, Avery on the Peacock! 

Dat hair tho > 

Space Cowboys 

Taken moments before the bear sighting!!

Beats Antique