Monday, September 5, 2016

Last Post | End of an Era

This is very bittersweet.

I have a started a new blog! It's really good and exciting, but I sort of feel like I'm abandoning a child.  If My Fingers Were Feathers has captured a lot of me growing up over the past six years. It started out anonymous and now I've got a site titled my name! Things really have changed.

Blogger (no offense) is a little dated and I have been a bit uninspired to post here for a long time. You can tell by how sparse the posts have been. I have had a vision of what I would like to create and I finally feel like I know how to make it happen. Of course it will continue to grow and evolve as I do, which I hope will be entertaining for not just me to watch.

When I turned 26 a few months ago, the desire to move away from Chico and follow my dreams became a burning one. I want to spend my life constantly growing and exploring, meeting people that help me see the world differently, helping me to rise to new challenges and hurtle all obstacles. I am so excited to no longer feel like I'm waiting to live my life. I'm all up in it.

I hope you'll continue to follow my adventures on the new blog:



Saturday, August 6, 2016

Officially Living in LA

Last weekend I flew back to Chico, loaded all my belongings into a Budget truck, and drove the eight hours back to Los Angeles.  I feel like I truly live here now and I'm so excited to feel more and more at-home. 

Not having to worry about moving and getting a job has freed up my time to dance! This week I took a Samba class, a Hip-Hop class, an Afro-Caribbean class, and tomorrow is an Afro-Brazilian class. Last week, I took my first Bachata class, inspired by my twinsie Olivia who has been taking classes in Holland. Both the Samba teacher and the Afro-Caribbean teacher asked me after class if I'd like to be in their dance companies, which is always super flattering and a great opportunity to dance more! 

I'm still getting used to having so much going on around me.  I keep comparing this experience to moving to Rio, but everything feels a lot more accessible because I have a job ($$), a car, I speak the language effortlessly, and I'm a more grown up version of me! I know that it is an exhilarating and constant adaption when you move to a new place, particularly a big city like Los Angeles.  On the other hand, I think that's just life in general; it's always changing and we're always swaying in its waves. 

Cheers to the weekend! 



Sunday, July 24, 2016

So Much Good News


So, life is good and things have fallen into place in a way that screams "this is meant to be."

I mentioned to Lulus before I left Chico that I was moving to LA, where they have a small office and a handful of employees, and to keep me in mind if they were ever hiring there. Lucky me, a week after I moved down I was contacted by them and have filled a position as Administrative Assistant! It's such a fun office and it's nice to see a different aspect of the fashion business. I miss knowing exactly what I'm doing, but I'm sure all my new tasks will become second nature soon.

Also, I am moving to Long Beach this weekend! I found a place (with a little help from my friends) that is absolutely perfect. It's a house in a quiet neighborhood with a pool, hot tub, cute doggy, and even cuter roommate. The house is adorable and I can't wait to move in and have my own space again. Staying with my brother has been great, but I'm ready to have all my stuff in one place.

Hooray for literally everything working out so well and so fast! It is so validating to have the foundation for all my dreams being built beneath me, each piece coming together so I can jump with ease into all the opportunities coming my way.

Thank you Universe,


Friday, July 8, 2016

Big News! I Moved!

Well hello there,

It's been quite a while since I chit chatted with all my Feather Friends. But better late than never ;)

I have been jonesing to live outside of Chico again, the blissful bubble that it is, and I am happy to say that I do!

My first full day in Los Angeles was yesterday and it was perfect:

I had an interview in the morning for a Copywriting job (that I don't particularly want) and then Raoul and I went downtown to this cool covered restaurant area. There were countless mini restaurants, each decorated in a plethora of neon signs. Raoul got a bagel and I got a gyro.

We then went on a hike around Griffith Observatory until I was so thirsty that we had to leave.

The next thing on the agenda was to meet my old friend Nik, who was one of my mom's students at the university when I was in high school. He works at a very trendy vegan restaurant and we visited with him while he folded napkins and he convinced Raoul to take a "Brave" shot ... a concoction of spicy shit that is supposed to boost your immunity :).

Then, we went home and made delicious tacos for dinner while his roommate made us spiked orange juice in travel mugs to bring to a beach concert in Santa Monica. We took the Metro, which was surprisingly easy. When we were trying to catch it however, we sprinted across the intersection and Raoul barely made it inside before the doors closed. City life hehe.

The show was on the pier but there were speakers that blasted the music down on the beach where there was a huge crowd chilling on blankets, sipping on wine, and generally being cute. A group in front of us started a Soul Train line which we promptly joined. It was so fun. I am in the right place.

Sunday I get to take my first dance class at Brasil Brasil, a Brazilian cultural center here that offers both Afro-Brazilian and Samba classes. Y'all know I'm bursting with excitement that I'm going to get to dance 3-4 days a week ... if not more depending on $$.

I'm currently posted up in a coffee shop 1.5 miles from my brother's house that I walked to earlier. I've been applying to jobs and sippin' on iced tea.

Point is: I'm here, and I'm really happy to be here. My life in Chico was oh-so-predictable - while here, I can feel rumblings of possibility beneath each footstep. I'm happy to be somewhere diverse and warm, and overflowing with opportunities.

May I make the most of it!