Saturday, September 20, 2014

Handpainted Photos by Shae de Tar

A friend of mine on Facebook recently posted a link to these amazing photos by fashion photographer Shae de Tar.  She hand-coulors each negative to create this magic.  The photos are obviously beautiful on their own but her painting adds an ethereal element that is both vibrant and subtle.  I'm really loving it, also obvious.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Ultimate House Party for Andi's B-day

 Birthday Girl!

 The lovely harp player

 Sam telling me his picture is worth $20

 So brave

Hello my dears.

On Thursday my friend Jahlelah hosted an amazing show/house party for our friend Andi's birthday.  There were three bands that performed, one local, one from Olympia, WA, and the last from Spain.  The Spanish band sang songs in Galecian, a form of Spanish that I discovered is strikingly similar to Portuguese so I was surprised and happy to be able to understand most of the songs.

On top of all the good music, Andi, the beautiful birthday girl, performed a few different belly dances throughout the night.  She is always so fun to take pictures of.  There was also a fire dance performance in the backyard.  I was sitting right next to the kids and one of the little boys talked loudly the whole time about how brave the man dancing was for "touching the fire." It was hilarious and so cute.  Everyone was laughing about it.  I'm sure the fire dancer got a little ego boost.

The night was a beautiful one.  Thank you to the bands for all your enchanting music.  Thank you Jahlelah, Zoe, Lance, Cooper (expert stamper and money taker), and of course Andi for hosting such a magical evening. <3


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

All Spirit

My depth has traveled deeper
It only surfaces when I ride, 
Hair tangled in knots by the wind
Under full moons 
On precariously paved roads
You know me so well you can't see past it
These are new knots, 
New fears of traveling headfirst into concrete,
New moons

I have to trust that I was meant to have a scar on my chin, 
One on my top lip too, 
The universe gave me kisses 
Hard, unwelcome guidance, 
Plunging me into crevices
Too small to fit claustrophobia 
A rock is a hard place, 
Don't you see? 
That's why my living room has no other kinds of chairs, 
Just rocking ones
Inherited from every woman in my family 
Each knew the universe would rock them
Out from under the rocks in the riverbed that clutch our feet

Each month I feel different, 
Different about the stones in the water,
About my relationship to the chairs and their previous owners,
Each month I look at myself differently 
In the still water, tide pool reflections 
This time, I see how my skin melts with the sky
And my hair marries the brown bark of the trees
Both above and behind me
Framing my every movement, both physical, cerebral
All spirit

Maybe this is the beauty of transitional periods, 
We are more aware of our constant morphing 
Though we are always doing it
My impatience has been constant, however
That part of me is steady, 
The only part. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Working Girl

Hey yous!

I am sorry I have been so bad about updating you homies about my life! A lot has happened since I sat down and had a heart to heart with you all, mostly having to do with being extra super employed :).  I wanted to be busier and VOILA, I am a busy bee.

I said to myself that I wanted to try waitressing and that I would love to work in a cute clothing store and both of those little wishes came true.  I am currently working in a cute consignment shop downtown where I am constantly tempted to spend my paycheck on all the unique pieces that flood our doors and I am waitressing at a Mexican restaurant.

Today was (hopefully) the last day that I work both jobs in the same day... 11 hours on the clock and biking across town in between is enough to make my bed feel like heaven right now.  Plus I went to the gym with Acacia yesterday and squatted with weights until my knees were wobbly, literally.  Feels good.  I'm going to go again tomorrow and work my abs, or arms, anything but my butt and legs haha.

Plus, tomorrow is my DAY OFF! I don't have any plans besides going to the gym and cleaning my room. I would love to do something outside though... read a book in a hammock... that sounds nice.

I hope you're all wonderful!


Friday, September 5, 2014

Finally Celebrating Mamma

Tonight my brother and I finally got to celebrate our Mamma.  It has been so hard to find time when we're all free but it came together for a perfect night.  We treated her to dinner and a movie.  The two outings fit together perfectly because we went to Indian food and then went to see Hundred Foot Journey, a movie about an Indian chef! We couldn't have planned it better.  Spontaneous perfection ;)

We also baked her a cake this afternoon: chocolate cake with mint chocolate icing.  I decorated it with flowers, as is tradition in my family. Last week I found huckleberry ice-cream at the supermarket so I bought that for my Mom's birthday.  It went perfectly with the cake and gave us all a nice taste of Montana, which we all miss so much.

I really recommend the movie! If you're looking for a good one to see you should check it out!