Thursday, December 18, 2014

Half Day

My junior high school had a "half day" every Wednesday where we would be let out a couple hours early while the teachers convened.  Right now Wednesdays are the only days I don't work a morning shift and so it vaguely reminds me of my junior high schedule.  It is so nice to have the morning to run much needed errands, which is especially true this week as I prepare for fĂ©rias, VACATION! 

My mom had a medical procedure today at 7 so I got up and drove her and then went to try and chase down the sunrise before going back to pick her up.  The sky was completely cordoned off so all I saw was dark grey clouds on one side of the sky and light grey clouds where the sun was rising.  It was still nice and I managed to get a shot or two I liked of cars coming down the road at me through the raindrops on the windshield.  My new camera is so fun. Have I mentioned how excited I am to use it in Montana?! Because that thought has been like a broken record in my head.

Here is the shot I made and posted to Instagram this morning during my sunrise mission and the second is a photo of a nice blueberry vintage truck that I encountered during one of my errands this morning.  It was a cutie.  

Time for sleeeeep, 


Monday, December 15, 2014

Unrelated Tidbits

  • Hi beauties! I worked all day and am very happy to be at home right now in my cozy bed.  I rearranged my whole room this week because before my bed was in the middle of the room which left minimal space on either side of it.  It definitely feels more spacious now that my bed is in a corner.  Sweet.
  • I had such a hard time getting out of bed for work this morning.  The cold obviously doesn't help, but the sound of the rain and the overcast haze together are like a perfect lullaby that suck me deep under my comforter. They are a dangerous and lovely combo. 
  • I got a week off from both of my jobs and will be going home home for Christmas!!!  California is home, Montana is home home.  I am so excited to see all my family and friends and spend Christmas in the snow! And to make it even better, my mom and Raoul are coming too.  Raoul is turning 21 December 26th which is sure to be entertaining. I'm so stoked that we'll get to celebrate in some good ole' Montana bars.  Having a super exciting road trip at the end of this week is making it fly by already <3
Cheers from my rainy hood to yours! 

1 smooch, 

White Elephant

I should really be going to bed but instead I'm doing this because I am stoked to share more, as planned ;).  

Last night some friends and I had a "White Elephant Party." If you've never heard of it here's how it works: 

1. Everyone brings a wrapped gift (which is usually kind of funny like penis paintings or beer funnels, which were both gifts last night).  There is usually an agreed upon spending limit so all the presents end up being around the same price value.
2. Everyone puts their name in a hat, or whatever you have around.
3. Someone picks the first name and they get to pick any present and open it so everyone can see.
4. The next person picked gets to either steal the first person's gift or pick an unopened present from the pile.
5. Gifts can only be stolen twice and then they are "locked" so if you steal a gift that has already been stolen you aren't at risk of it being stolen from you.  Everyone steals or opens presents until all of them have been opened and then you're stuck with whatever you got!

I ended up with a keychain breathalyzer which I stole from my friend Julia.  She was bummed I stole it but told me today that her sister got her one for Christmas which is a relief! Stealing gifts is the whole point of the game but it still feels mean when you do it. 

Happy Holidays, 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Blog Revamping

I have been posting frequently everywhere but here, on my blog, and I think I figured out why.  My blog began in 2010 and a lot has changed since then except the general layout and I felt like it needed to catch up and represent the content published here.  I got over 50,000 views on If My Fingers Were Feathers last month which is so crazy to me.  I have very vivid memories of being excited that two people a day were checking it out.  I have a feeling this will make me more excited to post here and hopefully the renovation will make it more exciting to read for you.  Publishing a couple times a month isn't good enough as far as I'm concerned so I'm going to pick up the pace for both of our sakes!  Thank you for your support even when I'm being a lazy arse or when I'm too busy to sit down and create a post (which has been the case). I love you no matter what the case may be!


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fog | Nevoeiro com Bella Bellota

This same day I bought my new Canon 70D right in the knick of time.  My dad told me that Costco would be having a sale on a package deal with the camera, two lenses, camera bag, and a memory card all for the same price the camera had been by itself a month ago.  I had been waiting for the Christmas deals that start on Black Friday and I was so excited to finally have the camera in my grasp! 

I thought it kind of odd that (according to my dad) the deal started December 1st but I was happy to once again dodge Black Friday shopping.  On Sunday at around 4:45 pm I looked on Costco's website to see if I could find the camera and then buy it at midnight just in case a lot of other people were planning on snagging the cameras early in the morning.  Strangely, the camera package appeared to already be on sale so I called the local store and inquired.  The employee told me that the sale was indeed on and would be ending at closing time that day! What time did they close? "Six o'clock," she said.  I then frantically got my mom and Hannah into the car (my mom is the one with the Costco membership) and we drove across town to fetch my camera.  I was preparing myself for the worst just because it felt like we were cutting it so close.  Chico isn't huge, an hour to get across town is plenty, but I couldn't quite believe I had almost missed it by an hour.  I feel like I was destined to get it haha.  It worked out so frighteningly perfect! 

So, the 70D is now mine along with everything I mentioned above, plus a surprise extra battery: SCORE!  These photos were taken with my T2i, which seems flimsy now after a week of my fancy, fancy new camera.  It has surprised me how at ease I am with the 70D.  When I got my T2i I had never had a DSLR and I was very tentative and hesitant to handle it.  I don't know why I thought I would be the same with this new one... but I was pleasantly mistaken.  

I am really proud of what Jahlelah and I created. And in a general sense, I am also really proud of how far along my photography has come and I am excited because there is still so much to learn.  Life is so good like that.  

Kisses, hugs, and a happy December to ya! 


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bella Bellota at Sadiedeluxe | Psychic Sunday

As is becoming a weekly tradition, I packed my Sunday full of fun and friends.  It started out with me finishing sewing the circle skirt I started a month ago.  It fits me perfectly thanks to my mom's seamstress skillz.  

After I finished sewing I threw some old clothes and shoes into a box and headed over to Jahlelah's for yet another clothing swap.  I resigned myself to simply getting rid of clothes but I think I came home with just as many clothes as I brought.  At least I traded it for stuff I will actually wear! :) 

Then, Jahlelah and I headed up to Sadie's cute little boutique in Paradise, 15-20 minutes up the ridge.  Her shop, Sadiedeluxe is so lovely.  It was decorated with candles and fairy lights that gave everything a nice glow.  Beauty Alchemy, Claire Fong, and my love Bella Bellota, all sold their magical inventions on different tables around the shop while Ty (who modeled in the first Bella Bellota shoot) spun some tunes. 

Here are some photos from the evening at Sadiedeluxe: 


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Day in the Life

Hey babes,

I just got off work and finally ate some dinner.  Today was so busy at Boho that I never got a chance to get lunch.  I don't feel like going to dance class tonight... and I haven't for a couple weeks now.  Last week instead of going to my mom's class I went to an intermediate hip-hop class at Chico Creek Dance Centre.  Chico Creek has a hip-hop and jazz company called Full Force that I was on in high school.  I hadn't taken a class there since I was on the company.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be but everything I do kind of looks like Brazilian dance to me.  I would love to have hip-hop feel natural on my body again.  I didn't feel like going today probably as a result of the couple glasses of wine I had last night with some coworkers. 

Tonight I am going to see a dance performance at Laxson Auditorium with my mom to see a company called Pilobolus. The company is named after a prolific "barnyard fungus." It has been a long time since I saw a performance at Laxson and an especially long time since it has been one with dance.  It will probably be so inspiring that you won't be able to drag me out of a dance studio for the next month!