Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Girls

This is in the parking lot of the place where my mom's dance classes are.  I used to babysit these girls when they were super tiny.  They are so grown up now.  Menen, the blonde girl on the right, I have babysat since she was 4!  I love the addition of the pink hairbrush in the picture :).  The girls and the hairbrush, how appropriate. 

Monday, August 29, 2011


So, the place where I was living last year shut down.  It's very sad, so I haven't known where I would be living this fall.  I responded to a few craigslist adds and got a call back late Saturday night on my way downtown to dance with a bunch of friends.  I am leaving in a couple hours to drive down and sign a lease with a total stranger!  It's so exciting!  I've talked to him on the phone and he seems really low key and nice.  His name is Turki (he said to pronounce it properly you have to roll the 'r') and he is a grad student from Saudi Arabia.  We are getting a two bedroom apartment right next to downtown and pretty close to campus.  I'm so excited to have my own room!  I haven't had my own room really since high school!  Living with a guy should be nice too.  I grew up with three brothers and a sister so I'm accustomed to living with boys. 

Hooray!  A place to call my own ;)!


P.S. Plus my dad is letting me drive the Mercedez down to Davis.  It's the first time he's let me since I crashed it into a car while trying to park it when I had first gotten my permit when I was 16.  It's so fun to drive... this whole thing is so fun!
Some inspiring little bedrooms and houses... I'm so excited!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Esta Noite

Tonight, me and some folks are riding out to a Burning Man kick-off party in a warehouse a little bit out of town.  There are a mixture of live bands and djs playing throughout the night, so there will be lots of dancing.  I'm busting out my Burning Man costumes from the past two years I went... I can't decide what to wear. 

a) a little girl tutu that is pastel colors (that I chopped up to make it fit me) with doc martens and sparkly accessories

b) my short, white, frilly dress with white thigh-high socks and my tall moccasins

c) a bright blue tunic (it's knee length but has slits all the way up to my hips on both sides).  It also has some multi-colored bead-fringe on the front and arms... with some sort of shoes, probably boots of some sort.


Sunday, August 7, 2011


 Representing good ole MT, my home state :)

 Rachel, being uber cute
 I collected some sage and sugar pine pine-cones.  Art project?
 Rachel's dog bear in... a hospital gown, haha.  I laughed til it hurt and then some.
Such a good trip!  We went to a crazy local bar the first night.  There was a dub-step dj for a good bit at the bar and me and this girl I met there got down for a long while.  Rachel and I went to the beach every day I was there = sunburn, but worth it.  The last night we went to the casinos (1/2  of Tahoe is in Nevada where casinos are legal, obviously) and played this ridiculous derby game where you pay a quarter each time to bet on these little fake horses.  I won three times!  Probably the equivalent of $5 :).  But the waitresses give you free drinks while you play so I ordered all these ridiculous drinks and got a bit drunk. 

Hooray for summer!