Monday, February 20, 2012

Jahlelah and Lance's Wedding!!!

Getting ready!

 Check yourself :)

 Andi's short little "braids"

 A few of the bridesmaids and the bride:  Dani, Jahlelah, Ada, and Aleah
 The LOVELY bride-to-be

 This one is my favorite.  The henna on her hands was supposed to look like gloves.  It was sooo beautiful!

 Bridesmaid... cheerleaders?  haha, we were just being silly


It was such a fun wedding. It was half Western themed, half Carnival themed.  Tyson was my date and he even danced with me!  We did square dancing and ate pizza and cotton-candy.  And it was so special to be standing up there with all the other bridesmaids, supporting one of my best friends on her big day!  I have known the groom for even longer than the bride because I grew up with his younger sister so it was a very homey wedding. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures!  I still have to post some of Jahlelah's wedding dress that I took last weekend. 




  1. Thanks for your lovely words. I follow you to support your blog.

  2. Hi Mariamma, I did Jahlelah's henna and was wondering if you felt comfortable sharing the spectacular photo of her hands against her coat while she's looking down? I will gladly credit you as the photographer, I would love to use it in my web site/blog. It is my favorite henna photo from her wedding! Thank you!

  3. The bride here is simply looking superb and I’m glad that you shared some great shots from wedding here with us. Well I am going to plan a wedding at best DC wedding venues and need some good photographer ideas. Can you help me please?


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