Saturday, May 26, 2012

San Francisco VISA Adventure

 Vintage store madness.  I found this really cool vintage store that sells vintage by the pound.  I ended up getting two high-waisted pants (at least one I will turn into cut-offs) and a little white button-up crop-top.
 Afro-Brazilian dance class by Tania Santiago... I am still sore. :)

So, I skipped school on Tuesday to go down to San Francisco where the Brazilian Consulate is to apply for my visa.  I figured that I might as well stick around and take a dance class while I was at it and I am so glad that did, despite the fact that I can barely move my neck I am so sore.

I love the city!


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  1. Totally know what you mean about the class. I skipped a lecture to go salsa dancing, and then ballet. I haven't been able to move in four days. But that's okay, I had fun :)


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