Saturday, June 23, 2012

San Francisco Trips 1 and 2

I have been to San Francisco twice in the last week, first to submit my VISA application for studying abroad in Brazil, and then to pick it up a week later.  Unfortunately the Brazilian Consulate was closed on strike the day I was told to pick up my VISA so my mom and I had to find a place to stay last-minute and then I went to pick it up the next day.  So, I have my VISA!

 Ty used to live in SF so he knows his way around better than I do.  He took me to one of his favorite Mexican restaurants in the Mission district. Yummy enchiladas!

 I'm blue dapadeedapadaidapadeedapadai

So much cool street art!

 Trip #2

 My family went on the Sierra Nevada Brewery tour after I got back from SF.


  1. Is that Mexican place on 17th? I love that place too! Augie lives in San Fransisco now so I'm there every weekend!


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