Monday, October 15, 2012

Paraty: Day One

Paraty is a little city of about 30,000 people about four hours south of the city Rio de Janeiro, but it is still part of the state of Rio.  It is a little colonial town that used to be a big port for slaves after the one in Rio was shut down.  The old part of the city still has cobblestones and the same Portuguese style houses that are mostly little shops and restaurants now.

I went to Paraty this weekend with four other girls from the exchange program.  There was me, Dana (from Chicago), and then three Elizabeths (or Elisabeth) haha.  Luckily they all go by different names:  Lisa (also from Chicago), Lizzy (from New York), and Elisabeth (from Norway).  I had such a great time with them, both despite and because of the drippy weather.

 A toilet seat made out of shells :)

 Café com leite time! Doesn't Lisa look classy!?

 Elisabeth found her city in Norway!

 The man driving the carriage was giving a tour to a family and I overheard him saying that this church was only used by white women.

 A woman offering flowers to the goddess of the ocean, Yemanjá.
 There were many of these boxes with pictures on them around the city.  It was part of a photography contest/display.  This one was my favorite.  If you look closely, the man's hair is longer than the woman's.
 The power went out because of a large rainstorm the first night we stayed in Paraty.  Dana was in the middle of giving Lisa some highlights and she had to do the rest with her phone, doubling as a flashlight, in her mouth.
 This is what it looked like without flash... candlelight and camera light. :)
The power turned on and then off again while Dana was washing out Henna from her hair so she is displaying her makeshift light holder in the shower.

Quite an adventurous first day!


More to come tomorrow!

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