Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Paraty: Day Two

During our second day in Paraty, we decided to take a bus into the countryside to try and find a cachaça distillery.  Cachaça is a type of liquor made from sugar cane juice that is VERY popular in Brazil.  If you have been reading my blog you might remember me mentioning a type of drink called a caipirinha which is made with cachaça (along with limes and lots of sugar).  There were quite a few distilleries near Paraty and the one we ended up at is supposedly the best one in the state!  

The walk was very beautiful and very muddy.  Three of us were wearing flip flops which left mud splatters up the back of our legs haha.  When we ran into some people at a club that night who we had seen at the distillery, the first thing they said was that we looked much cleaner :). 

 Sweet, sweet cachaça

 A river!

 Small town mode of transportation <3
 Lizzy's spandex ripped in a dangerous spot mid-day haha.  I had to get a picture when she came in to Dana and my room to ask if we wanted white wine :).  Dana and I were watching a movie in Portuguese called, "Deus é Brasileiro," or in english, "God is Brazilian."

I didn't take any pictures at dinner or at the club, but as usual, I wish I had gone through the trouble of carrying around a camera so I could share the pictures now.

At dinner:  the chef made Lisa's pizza into the shape of a heart and then hit on us relentlessly at the club later... Brazilians can be persistent. Lisa and I had margaritas which were delicious but really didn't resemble margaritas except for the salt around the sides.

At the club:  one of the men who worked there pulled out a big barrel and then would grab girls from the crowd and have them dance on the top.  Lisa, Dana, and I all did it :).  We also made friends with a Brazilian girl who studied in the states.  She was really sweet, and quite a sassy dancer.  Elisabeth and Lizzy headed home kind of early, at least in comparison to Dana, Lisa and I, who didn't get home until the sun was coming up.  Lisa had her eye on the drummer of the cover band at the bar and we kept stalling going home so she could snag him but he escaped!

Twas an exciting day two!


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