Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pictures from This Week

Some of you may have Instagram and some of you may not, but all of my pictures that I post there can be seen if you click on the link in the righthand column ------------>

Here are some pictures from the past week, some from Instagram and some not.

Quiche, salad, and quinoa... yummy dinner.
My roommate Mariana was in Italy the past month studying mosaic making and she brought me back this delicious hazelnut chocolate bar. So sweet!
Not just the fruit is bigger in Brazil...
Braids for the gym.
Stormy in Rio ;)
81* Fahrenheit, rain or shine (about 27* Celsius)
My campus here in Rio decorated half Rasta, and half pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
My honeybooboo
Lei Seca, a portable breathalyzer checkpoint crew to cut down on drunk driving.  They were setting up right in front of me at the bus stop.  My friend Vinicius told me that the Rio locals have created a twitter page where everyone updates where Lei Seca will be for the night so people can avoid those streets haha.  I like think it was created to avoid the traffic it creates... 
Entertaining emails from my mother.

I'm sorry I haven't been the most consistent blogger.  I will take more pictures soon. 


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