Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stevie Wonder Concert on Christmas!!

Last night there were free Stevie Wonder and Gilberto Gil (a VERY famous Brazilian musician) concerts on Copacabana Beach.  Tyson and I went with my mom and some of the friends she has made at the hostel she is staying at.  As soon as we got there though, my mom told Tyson and I to weasel our way up through the crowd to get closer to the stage, so we did!  There were supposed to be about 2 million people there, so the spot we got was a lucky one.  Both of us couldn't believe we were there. It almost seemed too good to be true.  We are both so sore today from dancing from 8pm to 1:30am in the sand, non-stop.  It was well worth it!

Stevie brought his two youngest sons to the show and his oldest daughter.  The older boy played drum-set for one of the songs, the younger boy sang a little, and his daughter Aisha sang backup vocals with two other ladies.  Stevie wrote the song "Isn't She Lovely" for Aisha when she was first born.  It was such a sweet show. 

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Birthday to my biggest little brother Raoul! 



  1. that sounds like SUCH an awesome concert! i grew up listening to him! xo


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