Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flower Crowns

I have been wanting to make flower crowns for a while.  I had a bunch that my mom made me when I was little but I don't know what happened to them.  I used to even have the one my mom wore on her wedding day.  Hopefully that one is still floating around somewhere in the boxes I left back home with my family.  I found this great Do It Yourself post on James Kicinski-Mccoy's blog "Bluebird."  You should definitely check it out!  Here's a link :  Bluebird Flower Crown. And another link to Kelli Murray's blog "All things inspiring": All Things Inspiring Flower Crown.

And here are some videos on how to make different kinds of flower crowns.  Some are headbands, some are crowns, some are wrapped, and some are glued.  Pick your favorite!  They are all helpful.  I'm excited to try them all! 

This one is made only with fake flowers wrapped around each other with ribbon to decorate.

This one is a headband with hot glue.

And finally, this one is made with a wire and the flowers are wrapped individually around the wire.

Have fun!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

We're So Small

Grimes... Grimey Rhymes

This is the most ridiculous video. I am loving it!

 I really like this song by her as well:


Happy Sunday Fun-day!


Picnic Day!

 The Munchkins:

 I was in charge of the Photobooth... the kids could dress up in costumes and then get their picture taken by me.
 This is our school mascot who walked around for an hour.  We shut down the photobooth and I was his photographer.
 Sly little guy :)
 I love this one with the little sister looking up at her big sis.  Soo cute.

After Work: 

Simon and Shelly: some cutie-pie love-birds
 Shelly was just helping him look cool.
 This is a weed growing in the back of Simon's truck.

So, Picnic Day at my school has nothing to do with picnics.  It is a day where there are lots of different events and vendors on campus.  The day attracts a lot of perspective students but is also a HUGE party day for the actual students. There's a fair for the kids, weenier dog races, magic shows, even a fashion show put on by the Design department.   It's a funny combination of people wandering around on campus; there are lots of little kids and families, and lots of drunk college kids.  

Yesterday was soooo fun!  I volunteered for the kid's fair as a photographer for the first part of the day.  Aren't the kids adorable?! After that I went and ate a big salad for lunch (which Shelly was supposed to do WITH me but she was a bit drunk and took a nap instead haha).  Then I worked at my job on-campus for about 2 hours and after work I went and hung out with Shelly at her boyfriend Simon's house.  

It was so hot by the time I rode my bike over there.  The whole day had been so hot.  Shelly and I went across the street to the high school and climbed the fence to the pool.  It was so so nice to go swimming - the first time this year!!  We also rescued some drowning lady-bugs (karma ;).  

Everyone was so jealous when we came back cooled off and refreshed after our swim.  Being bad is fun sometimes! 


Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Over 80 Degrees Fahrenheit Baby

It feels so hot outside right now.  Eighty degrees feels so hot after all the cold winter months!  I am definitely enjoying it, but I think it will take some getting used to.  I think I actually enjoyed winter this year for the first time!  I usually daydream about summer all year so I'm glad I lived more in the moment this year and enjoyed all the different seasons.  Tomorrow I am taking pictures for "Picnic Day" on campus.  One of my roommates is in charge of the kid's fair so I am taking pictures of the kids with the school mascot.  It should be fun!  


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bon Iver Concert!

 Shelly and I before the show!

(Pictures 3-6 were taken by The Aggie's photographer)

Oh my oh my.  This was such an amazing show.  Let's just say my Tuesday nights are not usually like this one was.  Bon Iver is SUCH a talented band.  There is something so truthful and human and soulful  about their music.  I suppose those three words are inherently connected... and music like that - live and in the open air, reminds you that.

This is a video I took of Bon Iver playing Skinny Love last night:


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Table Mountain

Lauren was the other photographer for the day.
Flowers and friends!

 Bird watching, bird learning.

 Ty put every different kind of wildflower he could find in my hair.  It was fun being decorated by him :)
 Billboard :)

 Little Froggy Friend

A group of friends went with Tyson and I to Table Mountain this Saturday.  It was warm and sunny, and as you can see, picture perfect.  I had such a great weekend in general.  That night we went out to hear some local music.  We listened (and danced - of course) to two funk bands and a couple dj's and played foozball for a while.  Tyson and I kicked ass at it the first time but I should have stopped while I was ahead because we lost preeeettty bad the next game :).