Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Campus Adventure! Art Adventure!

My poor friends were in desperate need of the doctor today.  Maya and Eva both have coughs (I just spelled 'coughs', 'couphs' the first time... my English is suffering) and Maya has this crazy swollen foot from a mosquito bite that got infected. The doctor wasn't in today until 1 o'clock so after we finished the LAST PORTION OF OUR TEST we decided to explore the campus a bit while we were waiting for the docta docta. :)

 I decided not to post the photo of the actual wound... you're welcome.  Look at her fancy new Havainas haha ;).

 Say nonsense it airs the soul... :)

 We found a pit. Tadaa!
 A skateboard ramp made out of skateboard cutouts!

Skateboard Art



Sunday, July 29, 2012

We're So Small

The center of 30 Doradus - the largest, hottest, most massive stars known.


Life Happens

Life happens and I like when it happens by the beach.  

Sand and Sun,

Beach Daze


 Puppy Love!
Maya, also from California, Sophie from England, and Eva from Spain :).  Quite the international girl gang we have goin' on.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday! aka Sexta-Feira!

Hi baby belugas in the deep blue sea!

I have had a wonderful few days, the kind where I am scarcely at my computer with the desire to type and download pictures.  Hooray for days like that!  And hooray for moments like this when I want to clank away on these keys!

I joined a gym a few blocks away from my house and am literally so sore I gave up shaving my legs today because it was hurting my arms. Ya.  It feels so good.  Exercise > Shaved legs.

Some wonderful news I got this week is that Tyson has bought his ticket to Rio!  He will be here for his birthday, Christmas, AND New Years (all the important dates!).  We will be sure to take lots of pictures and make anyone who doesn't have Christmas during the summer extremely jealous.  Count on it.

Tonight I am going to a play with my friend Charles and afterwards I plan on meeting up with some friends to go dance somewhere.

I hope you all have a lovely Friday in store for you!

sloppy kisses and bear hugs,


This was my mermaid inspired picture I took before swimming in the ocean yesterday.  I had to get in my mermaid mood. xo

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


There are so many cool street markets in Rio and yesterday I discovered yet another one! The market was near the center of town so I had to ride the metro for the first time! It was so fun! I'm such a small town girl - I'm used to riding my bike everywhere in town, so figuring out the bus and metro systems here has been new and exciting! I love learning how to do new things and I think I'll be doing a lot of that this year :).

Here are some pictures of what I got at the market:

1. A hand crochet beach cover-up
2. An umbrella because when it rains here, it really rains (this umbrella seems really touristy but I've seen plenty of locals with it so it's okay ;)
3. Notebooks for school that will start soon!
Last picture: yesterday, beach-bound, so sunny I don't have a face.

Monday, July 23, 2012

I like this...

... and I am not joking.



Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hippie Feira

(Hippie Fair)

Today was so warm and sunny so I met my friends Leslie and Estela at the beach.  Afterwards, Leslie and I headed down to the Hippie Feira in the park where they sell lots of different handmade clothes, furniture, jewelry, trinkets, and art!  I was pretty overwhelmed with the amount of cool stuff there.  Here are some pictures of some of the stands.  I mostly took pictures of the art because I wanted it all!

 I want this in my house!

 And I want this gigantic bean bag.
The incense smoke comes out his mouth :D.

Goodnight, boa noite,



On Saturday I went with a large group of the exchange students to a small town in the mountains of Brazil, called Petrópolis, where the Portuguese royalty used to stay during the summer.  It was nice to get to see a little bit more of Brazil.

 Hair for dayzzzz

 Pretty impressive...

 This is a beautiful building that was given to one of the Portuguese princesses as a gift by her husband-to be.  It was a greenhouse, a party palace for balls, and most importantly her sanctuary.

 First plane that ever flew without a catapult.  I never knew the Wright Brothers cheated with a catapult!
 The horses in Brazil seem to be a bit smaller than the ones in the U.S.
 Alberto Santos-Dumont's house (who invented the airplane and the wristwatch)!
 Yup, the bugs are big.

 You have to be coordinated to live here.
 Maya and her fanny pack = perfect depiction of Atlas
The ride back to Rio was very beautiful!

Mariamma llama