Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Escola de Samba

This is also a catch-up post.

 I went with my friend Dana to her program's day trip to a samba school in Tijuca called Estácio de Sá where they were getting ready for the big Carnaval parade that will be in the Sambadromo and around the city in February.  We got to help make costumes for the kids who will be in the parade.

Each school chooses a different theme every year.  This year, the theme for Estácio de Sá is origami and the costumes looked amazing!  One group of us made hats and Dana and I got into a group making fancy collars for the kids to wear around their necks.  Lots of gluing! It was so much fun.

The best part though was getting to watch the kids' weekly practice show right after we were done with the costumes.  These kids were amazing musicians and dancers! I wish I was half as comfortable in heels as some of those eight year old girls haha.  I am absolutely fine with aspiring to dance like eight year olds ;).

 My beautiful Dana at her program's headquarters in Copacabana.

We are here!

 The samba school owner put us in all the different kinds of hats they have been making for Carnaval :).


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