Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My First Week in Salvador!

I just got back from a fantastic two week trip to Salvador with my beautiful mommy.  We went to dance, and dance we did!  We took one or two classes a day.  We got to stay in a little one bedroom place right on the beach in a favela.  I am going to miss falling asleep to sound of waves crashing... I am feeling very strong. After every dance class we got a nice booty workout walking up the gazillion stairs of the favela. :)

Salvador is in the state of Bahia in the the North East of Brazil.  It is considered the origin for most Brazilian culture because it was the biggest mixing pot.  The amount of music and dance that can be found around the city is amazing!  I want to live there!  I absolutely loved it.  The beaches were beautiful as well, much less crowded than the ones in Rio and had warmer water as well.  

I hope my pictures make you see how amazing it is and was! Smooches!

 Heaven on Earth = fourth floor of a dance studio

 If you are what you eat, I am açai and granola.

 Shaded from the shade zzzzzz

 My mamma walking home, groceries in hand
 Dancers are such pretty creatures
 "Sexta Trash" (Friday Trash) and Dubliners, an Irish bar down the street from where we were staying.

 My mom and one of my best friend's mom that we ran into in Salvador!

 The first real pesto I have had in soooo long.
 I want...

 Mamma jammin', as usual.

 There was a bateria playing near the beach.  It was the first bateria I have seen with a cello and violin. So cool!
 I couldn't help myself... this adorable baby was checking out a nearby palm tree, dancing in the wind.  She was making the BEST faces.

 Soccer! Futebol!
 More dancing!
There are so many pictures to share!  I will share more tomorrow! Love you!


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