Friday, January 25, 2013

My Last Few Days in Salvador

Here are some of the last pictures that I took in Salvador before returning back to Rio, where I am now.  I love both cities, what makes them different and similar.  I am so glad I got to spend such a good hunk of time getting to know Salvador.  I think, for me, the best way to travel is to try to really see what it is like to live there.  Of course, you can't dub yourself an honorary local, but you can spend good amounts of time getting to know real locals and what they love about a city.  I think it is an invaluable perspective to get while visiting new places.  I feel so fortunate to have done it with my mom, who paid for all of my dance classes and food and transportation.  I am so lucky to have a mom who decided to spend her entire Winter Vacation helping me go to Salvador and dance... something I have wanted to do all through college.  I am very proud to have had such a beautiful, adventurous, strong woman as my mother.

I hope it's all inherited ;).

Iemanjá mosaic and a neighborhood cachorro
There were tons of mosaics in our neighborhood :)


 There was always a huge soccer ball juggling circle on the beach near our house.  Most of the guys in this picture were older men. Down the beach a little farther was a smaller circle of boys doing the same thing :).

 Rain bathing in 90* weather

Okay, the rest of the pictures need their own introduction.  These were some of the kids from the neighborhood we were staying in.  They are my new BFFs.  When I woke up one morning they were all out on a patio pretending to work at the real sushi restaurant down the street called Sukiyaki.  They had picked a bunch of flowers from a nearby tree and were mashing them up and adding water to create a syrup.  Sand was also a key ingredient :).  Twas delicious! ;)

 This is Raíra, the oldest of the crew, and obviously the most glamourous.  She was so sweet.


 Sippin' on (inedible) syrup


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