Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mom's Last Day in Rio

My mom left a couple weeks ago, but here are pictures from her last day here with me in Rio de Janeiro in which she chose to spend the day at the beach.  What a smarty.

Swimming in the ocean here was a big deal for my mom because of some family history.  Her dad, my Grandpa, was a journalist.  He came to Rio to do a story when my mom was 22, the same age I am now.  He went swimming one day, ignoring a sign warning about a strong undertow, and as he was walking out of the surf a huge wave hit him in the back of the neck and broke it.  He was found on the beach later, still alive, and my Grandma was contacted.  The family thought he would survive so only my Grandma came to Rio.  He died in the hospital a few days after she arrived.  

My mom said she was making her peace with the ocean here.  She was afraid to go in the water when we first arrived, and by the end she was a little Brazilian fish.  I'm so proud of her.  

Some of the pictures are from before she and I went to Salvador.  My mom made a little memorial on the beach for her dad and threw flowers into the ocean for him, and Iemanj√°. 

For Edmond Dantes Christopherson, a Grandpa I didn't get to meet. 



  1. wow the beach in Rio is so gorgeous, you're so lucky to live there :)
    So sorry to hear the story about her father :( may he rest in peace

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  2. So proud of your mother. It takes real strength to face those fears that are invisible and gain closure


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