Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

Today is a strange day.  I am going to remedy myself by focusing on happy things.  My very good friend Ariel who is living in Germany this year told me a couple years ago that she had started writing things that she loves in what she calls her "happy book." Whenever she was feeling down she would flip through the book and she said it would always lift her spirits.

The world is a beautiful place.  It is important to remember that in the face of bad things that happen to good people.

Here is the start of my virtual Happy Book, in random order as things that put a smile on my face pop into my head:

Music Festivals... those two words prompt flashes of beautiful summer nights with my favorite people, music (obvi), and freedom of the soul.

Riding Road Bikes... I don't think I really thought about how much I would miss riding my bike when I left California 9.5 months ago.  Also a favorite: riding bikes in fall and aiming for the crunchy leaves the whole way home. That sound! :)

Dance... duh.  All kinds are yummy.

Friends... those really amazing ones. Traveling simultaneously makes you appreciate how special your friends are back home and how many wonderful people there are in the world.

Horses... I don't know if I've shared this on Feathers yet (I probably have (I'm repetitive)) but growing up in Montana pretty much guaranteed a lifetime obsession with this lovely four legged species of princesses.  Then again it might be just me.  I do think growing up in Montana increases the chances of an obsession, however. I have money in a bank account somewhere in Missoula that I started saving in preschool for my horse.  I think it's at about $400 and I haven't added to it for sooo long! I was serious about pinching those pennies for a horsey friend.  Someday :)
Someone remind me that I want to take lessons next year!!!

Huckleberry Milkshakes... They look like blueberries but they're smaller and have a different flavor.  Oh my, they are SO yummy.

Freckles on other people... I like them on me too, but it took a while.  I really started loving them on other people which made me love mine.

Flowers... no one has ever bought me flowers ;)

Whales... ya'll knew it was comin'.  Don't support Seaworld! Wild whales all the way! 
gaaaah! I freak.... 

This song... errytime.  The video too. 

The beach... I have always loved the ocean but I had only ever been around freezing NorCal beaches until this year. I have fallen in love with it.  Now I'm such a cliché.

Alright homies.  I feel happier.  Plus I just got a really sweet text from Tyson.  Love fixes most things.



  1. Adoro seu BLOG mas o que adoro ainda mais e voce. Seu blog me faz sentir tanta saudade. :) Ate logo menina maravilhosa

    1. Adoro voce! Obrigada pelos comentários doces. bjs amor


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