Monday, April 15, 2013

California Reminders

Soooo, I had such a fun weekend! It started out with me getting a very happy call from Tyson.  He found out that his transfer application from Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA got accepted by Chico State University in our hometown!!! We had been crossing our fingers that he would get accepted but the date he was supposed to hear from the admissions department kept getting pushed back because they had a record number of applicants.  We were all getting pretty nervous and trying not to get our hopes up, but now we can get pumped, or as Tyson's mom said "Holla!" I have gotten increasingly excited about being home next year.  My little sister Chloe will be starting high school so I can help her get ready for her first day, I will finally NOT be in long-distance relationship for the first time EVER, I'll get to hang out with a lot of old friends that still live there, I will get to ride my bike around town and especially in the park, I will be working and not in school, and I will get to see my family so much more often!

 I recently made a twitter account after snubbing it and dubbing it the worst form of social media for a long time.  I actually quite like it now haha.  Before I just thought it was a less interesting form of Instagram, but I realize now that it has it's own charm.  I have only posted twice and the last thing I wrote was how excited I was that Tyson was accepted at Chico State.  Yesterday I checked my account and the Chico State twitter page retweeted (re-posted) what I had written on their site.  I thought it was pretty funny and so did Tyson.

The rest of my weekend was so much fun because my friend Melissa came to visit.  I lived with her last year in Davis along with four other girls.  Her mother is Brazilian and she has family not too far from Rio de Janeiro.  She was here in Rio for New Years but so were my mother and Tyson and we didn't get to see each other.  She recently started a blog in which she writes (very beautifully) about her experiences thus far, which you can see HERE.  She posted a link to her blog on facebook last week and I clicked on it and read a few posts.  I posted a comment and then she responded by saying that she has been staying in Petrópolis, only about an hour away, and that she would like to come see me!

My ultimate goal for this blog is that it will help me create real-life connections with people and even though I already knew Melissa, planning to meet up and have a weekend together because of connections made through blogging felt amazing! A lot of bloggers that I follow collaborate with other bloggers which helps the community of people grow.  I had such a great time talking with Melissa about those connections this weekend, and just catching up on the many adventures we have both had since last Spring in Davis.

Happy news, past and present,



  1. Can you hear me now?

  2. That was me, Sue! It won't let me comment in Google Account ~ must not have one?

    1. I can hear you! I wonder if there is a way to enter your name somewhere. I'll have to keep fiddling...

      But yay!

  3. Mariamma! This was so fun to read! I love your updates and am so glad blogging brought us together too! I'll be keeping close tabs :) xo!


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