Monday, May 27, 2013

Internship Chillin

This post might be interesting because I am writing on a Brazilian keyboard which does not have an apostraphe symbol so I will just have to use the accent symbol like this: Hi ya´ll. Not much of a difference ;).

I am currently at my internship, Dançarte, and everyone is out to lunch.  I have to wait until they all get back so that one of the editors can make sure one of the documents I typed up is all perfect Portuguese. So in the meantime:

I can´t believe I am leaving Brazil in a little over a month.  You are probably going to hear me say that (see me say that) about a million times in the next month, so prepare yourself.  I feel like I say that every five seconds.  I spent such a long time fantasizing about Brazil before I came.  The first post I ever made on this blog years ago was about my obsession with Brazil.  It makes me feel empowered and happy to see my dream of coming here actualized.  And I didn´t just come here, I lived here/am living here.  I met amazing people, adventured, and grew in ways I can feel and in ways I can´t yet see, but I can feel it creeping up on me.  I think that how much I have changed and grown will become especially apparent against the backdrop of home.  I am so curious to see in what ways I relate differently to a world I used to fit into seamlessly.  I have been told to expect certain ups and downs upon returning and I feel like I need to warn everyone to not expect me to be any certain way.

My twin, Olivia, gave some really good insight last week before she abandoned me for Argentina for a long weekend.  She has lived and traveled all around the world and so, she has experience with ´culture shock´and the aftermath of living far away and returning home.  She warned me that I will want to talk about Rio and Brazil all the time and that at first, people will be happy and interested to hear it, but at a certain point it might come across as bragging.  I can already tell I am going to have lots to tell people, that´s probably natural, but it hadn´t occured to me that it could come across as rude or annoying.  Olivia said that normal subjects in conversations will remind me of things that happened here in Brazil and just like everyone in the conversation, I will want to share a story from my life that relates.  However, because that story takes place in a magical, far-off land, my friends and family may focus on the "When I was in Brazil..." part rather than the "so and so happened" part.  I can easily see how that sort of thing could happen and I want to tell everyone (who reads my blog) in advance that I in no way want to brag.  My life happened in Brazil this year and therefore, when I talk about my most recent past, it will likely have to do with Brazil :).

Cheers to getting ready to be an emotional rollercoaster! I won´t be riding an emotional rollercoaster, I will BE the rollercoaster.


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