Sunday, May 19, 2013

Somewhere between my head and my hearT

Somewhere between my head and heart,
Is my throat?
My collarbones?
The freckle at the base of my neck?
Somewhere where these two organs connect in the middle...
Exists a field of wildflowers whom sit atop strapping stems
All as tall
As my third rib
Reeds and bells of blue,
And fog tumbles its way through the grasses
Much like me
Sliding up stalks
Cold air pocket
Like the bottom layer of the lake water
That is twenty degrees cooler than the water you dipped your toes into
The sun shines on my field of wildflowers
But I can't tell where it hangs in the big lavender sky
Frost crunches under boots,
Or calloused feet?
They are so numb from the microscopic icicles that hug the baby green...
This is a place where thoughts have no bearings
Feelings are as sturdy as the disappearing warmth from the disappearing sunlight
Where to sit until my heart refastens its net around my head?
Latticing my face with its crystalline spider web net
Hanging in thick, weightless tassels at the end of each hair strand
Glistening dew of thawed ice
The purity of purified rainwater
Gentle peepholes for my eyes
Instead of restricting my head, my heart's seine seems to make movement effortless
Shimmering falls, elegant trips, poised somersaults
Joined together at the freckle at the base of my neck
The center of this cohesive, milky fog

Love and doves,

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