Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hey all ya'll! This is a much overdue blogpost... I know.  First things first: I am currently camera-less (besides my iPhone).  My 'big camera,' as I like to call it, which is my Canon Rebel T2i won't hold a charge anymore. I was charging the battery during a storm here in Rio a couple months ago and the power went out and fried either my charger or both the charger and the battery.  It was a big bummer but my Dad said he will get replacements for me to come home to so I can definitely take pictures on the way up to Montana! Phew!

Then, this weekend I went to a new Museum in Centro with my Austrian buddy, Clemens who is an architecture student here.  I was taking pictures with my 'little camera' of all the awesome artwork and the brand new building when all of a sudden the lens stopped working and now it won't focus on anything.... I feel like I'm the queen of technological malfunctions.  Both my cameras and my old computer pooped out on me this year.  Maybe it's Brazil and not me haha.

So, any posts I do until I go back to the U.S. will have pictures from my phone.  These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago when I went to go watch my friend George break dance on the street in Ipanema.  Every Sunday the street closest to the beach in Ipanema is shut down.  It's really nice to walk along the beach and see everyone biking, long boarding, rollerblading, and sunbathing and swimming on the beach side.  A group of breakers that George has become close with take advantage of the open space and put on an awesome street performance.  George is also from California.  He studies at UC Berkeley and he wants to dance after college which I know he will be very successful with.  Everyone in the group is super talented which I hope you can see in the videos at the bottom.  Not only did I get to watch their show but I also got to watch the sunset and go eat pizza with the crew afterwards.  It was a really fun night :).

Enjoy! I know I did!

Viviane doing headstands in crazy places

Counting the money at the end of the night with gangsta rap playing on a boombox and the police in the background ahaha 


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