Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Language of the Sand Dunes

I speak the language of the sand dunes,
The hush
The loud whisper
My feet are hot and melt slowly into the sounds
I hear first with my eyelashes
They graze sound molecules with sun bleached tips
They flutter involuntarily
Like your heart flutters when you are taken, swallowed gently
By the waves
I hear second with my elbows that bend involuntarily
Like the tall corn stalk on the edge of the field
That has no one to protect it from the wind
I hear third with the big toe on my left foot
It stretches, voluntarily
In its buckskin home,
Like a dog who stretches so thoroughly a yogi names a stretch after her
Beautiful muscles expanding, twisting...
Run to the sand dunes with me and let's tell the hush to hush at the top of our lungs,
Let our whispers become hums of laughter,
Long and steady,
Let's melt into the sand headfirst
Elbows bent in a circle around your rib cage
Hands wide and tender on your back
Big toe stretching in its buckskin home

Happy Super Moon everyone!


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