Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Eat, Workout, Repeat


I hope you're all having a lovely Tuesday.  These are a couple photos from the week.

Photo 1 I took at the gym.  I was rather colorful, sporting my "mermaid" sneakers (they're teal and shiny) and a pair of very colorful spandex shorts I got in Rio.  My twinsie Olivia and I got these matching shorts at Uruguaiana near Centro in Rio de Janeiro.  When she comes to visit me in California we are going to go running in matching outfits :).  That's the plan.

Photo 2 is of a delicious dinner that Shelly and I cooked.  The dish closest to the camera is a spicy soft tofu soup called Soondubu.  It was so yummy.  We made chicken wings that were amazing as well.  I love cooking with Shelly!



  1. those shorts are so cute and bright! we love wearing bright clothing when exercising because it makes it so much more enjoyable!


  2. I love your sneakers. Mine are hot pink Nikes ;-)


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