Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tentative Bucket List

Own a VW van with a pop top.
Put an Air Stream in the back yard as a guest house/get away.  This is obviously what my back yard will look like.
Visit Australia and frolic on its beaches! + hang out with kangaroos.
Go to Thailand! And eat so much thai food!!!
Visit Japan because Tyson wants to. Plus cherry blossoms are beautiful.
Backpack through Europe before I'm 26 so I can stay in hostels.  Apparently there is a cutoff age there.
Roadtrip through the South (of the U.S.)
Bunjee jump... just looking at this picture makes me nauseous.  I can't imagine willing myself to jump! I  sky dove but I did it strapped to an expert who kind of did the jumping for me.  Jumping out was the scariest part. Maybe I could bunjee jump with someone... and above water rather than rocks sounds more appealing.
Travel to India!
Choreograph a dance for Keeping Dance Alive (a local dance performance)... or something similar to that.
Be a psychologist... :) a private practice would be nice.  The caption to this picture was "fashions fade; style is eternal." Lovely.
Live in Montana again. Nice pic Zack Schnepf.
Become an amazing cook so I can have picture perfect dinners in my back yard.
Get a husky :) and wear fur in the snow with it.

Okay, that's my list today. Be happy is at the top of the list.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

iPhone Cases

First of all, you may have noticed that I changed the template for my blog.  I wanted something a little bit more simple and classy.  I was definitely inspired by some of your blogs!

Lately I have seen so many fun iPhone case designs and DIY tutorials to help people customize their phone cases.  Here are some fun case ideas that I really like:


(fish eye) 


This one may be my favorite... I love whales so much.  I have a physical reaction when I think about how big they can be.  I get butterflies... in my heart.  More whales! 

not a whale, but still pertinent. :) 


DIVA (little bit ;)

Right now I have a plain black case from Otter Box that has definitely done it's job of keeping my phone intact.  It would be fun to mix it up a bit.  Any favorites here or that you've seen elsewhere?