Sunday, January 26, 2014

San Francisco Trip!

I am finally getting around to posting about my weekend in The Bay.  It was Martin Luther King Jr. day this past Monday so we all had a day off of school.  I decided to take advantage of the long weekend and go and see my childhood friend Ada in San Francisco.  She threw a holiday party around Christmas and I couldn't make it so I wanted to make up for that and go catch up with her.

On Monday I met up with friends (lovebirds) Kurt and Claire in Oakland and had a wonderful time shooting arrows at hay bails and drinking tea.  All this occurred at Claire's house.  She is an amazing artist and has beautifully decorated her place with her own art.  I wish I had the skills and talent to just paint whatever I wanted all over my house!

I hope you all just had a lovely weekend.  I did an awesome photoshoot with Shelly and her little sister Lauren yesterday who came to visit the past couple days so those photos are on their way.



  1. Mariamma, first I love the pictures of the ocean... so beautiful as always...

    It looks like you had a great weekend... I need a get away weekend too :)

  2. Hi dear, just found your blog, it's amazing! You've got such a fresh style...find it so inspiring, even if our styles may seem very different I think we've got a very similar point of view! I'll come reading your blog much more doll! If you want check my blog and if you find it as interesting as I find yours we can follow each other! Just let me know,
    Laura xxx

  3. Oh how I miss the sea! :) Lovely pics and sounds like a fantastic weekend!

    Mariana xx


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