Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Crash Boom Bang

I apologize to the faint of heart for the photo of my bloody face. On Saturday night I was biking over to Shelly's house and I hit a pot hole that bent my front wheel and caused me to crash.  My face took the brunt of the impact with the concrete… hooray.  I cut up my right hand a little bit as well and my left shoulder still hurts, but not badly.  This was my third bike accident in Davis.  I had to get five stitches in my chin two weeks in to my freshman year, the same year I had a minor concussion, and now I have five more stitches in my upper lip, which I bit through on Saturday.  It was an unnecessary way to say goodbye to Davis and college but I guess crashing on my bike will be my bookends that frame this part of my life.

But… there is good news… great news even! I am done with school! I took my last final on Tuesday morning and now I am freeeeee! I spent today packing up my room in The Big Haus and moving my stuff back into my room at my mom's, where I will be staying.  I am so excited to have time to blog more and just be creative in general.  

You'll be seeing more of me! Hopefully I will be scab and stitch free for you ;) 


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