Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Eat & Breathe Garden

Well hello there! I hope you have had a nice hump day.

I was extremely lazy until about four o'clock when I finally went and got a new cord for my phone.  I had mangled my last one so much that it finally stopped working this week.  Every time I tried to plug it into my computer a warning would pop up saying one of my usb ports was stealing too much energy from the computer and was thus disabled, which was frustrating.  Luckily RadioShack has a year warranty for an extra $2, which I am very grateful I decided to invest in. So, I got a brand new cord this afternoon.  I also stopped by the Clinique counter on the CSU campus to pick up some makeup I was running out of. After that, I got some matzo and hummus from Trader Joe's because some of my mom's drummers ate all of mine yesterday :). I want to try and make matzo brei sometime this week (with eggs and onions).

Yesterday I had a goofy time at the gym with Acacia.  It was her abs day, not her leg day so she quickly showed me how to squat with a weighted bar, which was easy enough, we moved onto abs, and then we spent about 15 minutes reminiscing on our old gymnastics abilities and doing hap-hazard tricks in an open yoga studio.  So fun! :) Tomorrow is leg and booty day! Time to kick my own butt… literally!

Photos from my front yard and lunch from the last couple days <3


  1. Gorgeous photos :)

  2. Hey beauty love your new post =) Keep posting .
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  3. Lovely photos!

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  4. Lovely, sweet photos! They look so amazing!

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