Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ceramics Showcase in Portland

Hey pretty babies!

If you saw my instagram post about going on a roadtrip, now you know where I was headed to: Portland! My auntie Ann and my cousins Lillian and Logan live here and since I've just been bumming around Chico lately I thought it would be nice to come visit with all this free time I have.  There was extra incentive to visit because both Lillian and Logan have had babies in the last year that I hadn't gotten to meet until now! Miles is my cousin Logan's baby and he is ten months old, and Lillian had a little girl named Harlow who is only about four months old.  They are both ridiculously cute and have been so much fun to play with.

Tonight my cousins, their spouses, and some of their friends, and I are all going out to dinner together. It's so nice to finally be considered old enough to go do fun things with my cousins! They are a bit older than me so I was always too little to go off with them when my family visited in the past.  There are some perks to getting older ;)

I took a Brazilian dance class in South East Portland earlier, which was fun.  I'm so grateful that it made me less sore.  I haven't been able to walk correctly since I did an intense leg and butt workout on Wednesday.  Dance healed me!

Here are some photos from a ceramics showcase put on by the Oregon Potters Association on Friday.  I was very impressed and all the potters were very cordial and let me take some pictures of my favorite pieces.  There was also textiles and glass sections that we spent less time in.

Princess ware by Jennifer Gauer and Meghan Radick 

Real crystals! by Lena Lumiere
These mugs were some of my favorites.  I really like the top one with all the horses. By Dennis Meiners
Vases by Sharon Greenwood 
Monsters by James DeRosso 
Cinderella-esque amazingness by Nolan Blansit 
By Nancy Adams 
Ecuadorian wool tapestries.  The booth owner demonstrated how they naturally dye the wool red by grinding up dried beetles and adding lime.  So cool! 


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