Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rainy Happy Day


Today was a nice easy day.  My Auntie is a nurse/midwife and she worked a shift from six in the morning until four this afternoon.  My cousin Lillian came over with her husband, Sean, and baby, Harlow, during the day and we visited for a while.  Afterwards, I watched Harlow for two hours while Lil and Sean ran errands.  She pooped as soon as they left haha.  It was really nice, even with the poo.  I even got an arm and back workout carrying her around the house to help her fall asleep (which she did :)

I grew up with so many younger siblings that there were always babies in my house, but that was a while ago.  It was nice and somewhat relieving to prove to myself that I can still change a poopy diaper and make a baby fall asleep with no one else around. I was pleasantly surprised with how natural it still feels.

When my Auntie got home we were going to go see The Grand Budapest Hotel, which I already saw with my mom, but the theater was so full we decided to do it another time and went to a wine bar instead.  Auntie Ann really loves her wine and was very dissatisfied with my answer to "what kind of wine do you usually buy?" which was, "whatever is cheap." So, she is on a mission to train my pallet, and I am not complaining.

Lou & I
Breakfast… soggy cheerios are the bizniz
Wine and cheese… we couldn't be fancier! 


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