Monday, May 12, 2014

Little Portland Tour

Hi! Happy Monday! 

I was having trouble uploading these pictures but as you can see, it has been sorted.  One of the days I was in Portland my Auntie took me downtown for some exploring. It was actually Cinco de Mayo and there was a fenced off celebration going on but we didn't feel like paying $$$ to get in so we just walked around. I think Portland would be really fun to live in but the weather is so blistery.  It's hard to say, but I think the city may make up for it in lots of other ways.  I love that the Willamette River runs right through town.  It's much bigger than the Clark Fork River that runs through my Missoula, and definitely bigger than Butte Creek. I got a good look at all the bridges that connect the different parts of Portland.  There are twelve total! It looks like a great place to bike and it's less expensive than San Francisco. Plus there's dancing! And family! And babies! And sooo much rain. 

I have since returned (on a very long train ride).  I didn't pack my running stuff when I went to visit and I was so antsy to exercise that I have been to the gym almost every day since I've been back (I took Mother's Day off). I love getting to the point where I crave it! 

I miss my cousins so much already! This is Lillian and her baby Harlow.  I'm going through baby withdrawals this week for sure! 


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  1. So cool! Did not know you had a blog. I loof forward to checking in often. Lots of love xoxo Lil


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