Friday, June 27, 2014

This Week

Hi there honey bees! This has been a fun and eventful week full of friends and I've done a decent job of taking some photos along the way to share with you! Aren't you proud?!

The week started off with my first official clothing swap! My friend Jahlelah organized it for a weekend when our very fashionable friend Ada was visiting.  She is definitely someone whose clothes I am always happy to receive as hand-me-downs.  This is a picture of Tanner, aka Lil' T, having fun with the leftovers at the end :) There are more pictures of him on my Instagram (mariammairis). 

Then, I took a little road trip to Nevada City with my friends Rebekah and Praveen to take an Afro-Brazilian class with one of my favorite dance teachers, Dandha da Hora.  She is also the lead singer of my favorite California based Brazilian band called SambaDá.  I have been rehearsing with five other women to perform at the band's cd release party tomorrow! Exciting!!

Yesterday I had THE BEST day with my old friends Celine and Thomas.  We walked a few miles to Salmon Hole in Upper Park and goofed around/caught up the whole way, then swam and walked back. There is nothing like good friends… :)  Afterwards we met up with Tom's Dad for a yummy Mexican food dinner.  We were so delirious and happy by the time we finally ate around eight o'clock. 

These photos are from earlier this week when my mom and Raoul celebrated my birthday with me because they were in NYC for the actual day.  I always love my mom's cakes and this one was super yummy with fresh blackberry sauce in the middle.  <3 

A couple things that I don't have pictures for but that were highlights of my week were hanging out with my good friend Clara for the first time in way too long and going swimming today with my friend Drew. Clara and I were going to have a coffee date but it ended up being about four hours long because we had so much to catch up on.  It was sooo nice to see her.  And today, Drew took me to his favorite swimming spot which just so happened to be a spot I've been trying to find.  I used to swim there really often in junior high but I had since forgotten the route.  I called it the "Mermaid Lagoon" and you have no idea how stoked I was today when I realized it was the same spot! What a wonderful first Friday of Summer! I'm feeling like the Universe is on my side :) 

I hope that Summer sun is making you feel mighty fine too!


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