Friday, September 5, 2014

Finally Celebrating Mamma

Tonight my brother and I finally got to celebrate our Mamma.  It has been so hard to find time when we're all free but it came together for a perfect night.  We treated her to dinner and a movie.  The two outings fit together perfectly because we went to Indian food and then went to see Hundred Foot Journey, a movie about an Indian chef! We couldn't have planned it better.  Spontaneous perfection ;)

We also baked her a cake this afternoon: chocolate cake with mint chocolate icing.  I decorated it with flowers, as is tradition in my family. Last week I found huckleberry ice-cream at the supermarket so I bought that for my Mom's birthday.  It went perfectly with the cake and gave us all a nice taste of Montana, which we all miss so much.

I really recommend the movie! If you're looking for a good one to see you should check it out!


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