Thursday, September 25, 2014

POST Rain POST Office Stroll

Hey there honey bees,

I have recently been on the hunt for a new leather jacket.  My old one is still kickin' but it's starting to show some signs of ware. It is such a staple in my fall/winter attire that I thought I should start early in trying to find a replacement for it.  I shopped around online since the options are very limited in town and ordered one last week that arrived last night.  Unfortunately, I didn't much like some of the details.  Plus, I tried on my h&m one that I already own and the new one seemed so frumpy and sad in comparison :(.  The new one has some pretty big shoes to fill!

So, I sent it back today and used the errand as an excuse to take a walk under the beautiful balmy clouds that came through and gave us such a nice rain! It was really beautiful, and the perfect temperature outside.

Here are some photos from the walk. I have my eye on another jacket and if it lives up to blog standards ;) you'll be seeing it soon enough!


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