Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Ultimate House Party for Andi's B-day

 Birthday Girl!

 The lovely harp player

 Sam telling me his picture is worth $20

 So brave

Hello my dears.

On Thursday my friend Jahlelah hosted an amazing show/house party for our friend Andi's birthday.  There were three bands that performed, one local, one from Olympia, WA, and the last from Spain.  The Spanish band sang songs in Galecian, a form of Spanish that I discovered is strikingly similar to Portuguese so I was surprised and happy to be able to understand most of the songs.

On top of all the good music, Andi, the beautiful birthday girl, performed a few different belly dances throughout the night.  She is always so fun to take pictures of.  There was also a fire dance performance in the backyard.  I was sitting right next to the kids and one of the little boys talked loudly the whole time about how brave the man dancing was for "touching the fire." It was hilarious and so cute.  Everyone was laughing about it.  I'm sure the fire dancer got a little ego boost.

The night was a beautiful one.  Thank you to the bands for all your enchanting music.  Thank you Jahlelah, Zoe, Lance, Cooper (expert stamper and money taker), and of course Andi for hosting such a magical evening. <3


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