Saturday, November 1, 2014


I can't believe it's November first! I was so geared up for Halloween that I forgot it marks the end of October.   I worked until 9 pm last night and as soon as I got off I went over to my friends' house to join in the festivities.

Jenelle was a bottle of bubbly and her bf Max was a bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale ;) Kelly was Little Miss Sunshine, Julia was Nicole Richie, Christy was a "hipster hippie," Jordan was Freddie Mercury, and I was a witch.

The photos of all us girls were taken by Jordan Claverie :) 

I hope your Halloween was amazing! 



  1. Happy Halloween to u too..lookin great!

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  2. absolutely priceless! Dave takes the prize for best costume. The best moment caught on camera is of course the stud, Maxwell and his pretty lady, Jenelle.


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