Monday, December 15, 2014

White Elephant

I should really be going to bed but instead I'm doing this because I am stoked to share more, as planned ;).  

Last night some friends and I had a "White Elephant Party." If you've never heard of it here's how it works: 

1. Everyone brings a wrapped gift (which is usually kind of funny like penis paintings or beer funnels, which were both gifts last night).  There is usually an agreed upon spending limit so all the presents end up being around the same price value.
2. Everyone puts their name in a hat, or whatever you have around.
3. Someone picks the first name and they get to pick any present and open it so everyone can see.
4. The next person picked gets to either steal the first person's gift or pick an unopened present from the pile.
5. Gifts can only be stolen twice and then they are "locked" so if you steal a gift that has already been stolen you aren't at risk of it being stolen from you.  Everyone steals or opens presents until all of them have been opened and then you're stuck with whatever you got!

I ended up with a keychain breathalyzer which I stole from my friend Julia.  She was bummed I stole it but told me today that her sister got her one for Christmas which is a relief! Stealing gifts is the whole point of the game but it still feels mean when you do it. 

Happy Holidays, 


  1. Great photos! I love the table centerpiece. Very pretty!

  2. White elephant gift exchanges are the best! I love seeing what other end up with!


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