Thursday, September 25, 2014

POST Rain POST Office Stroll

Hey there honey bees,

I have recently been on the hunt for a new leather jacket.  My old one is still kickin' but it's starting to show some signs of ware. It is such a staple in my fall/winter attire that I thought I should start early in trying to find a replacement for it.  I shopped around online since the options are very limited in town and ordered one last week that arrived last night.  Unfortunately, I didn't much like some of the details.  Plus, I tried on my h&m one that I already own and the new one seemed so frumpy and sad in comparison :(.  The new one has some pretty big shoes to fill!

So, I sent it back today and used the errand as an excuse to take a walk under the beautiful balmy clouds that came through and gave us such a nice rain! It was really beautiful, and the perfect temperature outside.

Here are some photos from the walk. I have my eye on another jacket and if it lives up to blog standards ;) you'll be seeing it soon enough!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Farm Babies

Hello! Happy Fall to you all.

I had such a lovely time after work yesterday.  My friend Jahlelah asked me to help her watch her boys while she harvested some spicy peppers from a local farm.  I was happy to come along and help out.  Hanging out with the kiddies is always fun.  We had a great time finding caterpillars, petting brain flowers, and gorging ourselves on cherry tomatoes with a couple of the little boys that live on the farm.  It was also nice to get a bit dusty!

What a good first Fall blogpost! Harvest time!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Handpainted Photos by Shae de Tar

A friend of mine on Facebook recently posted a link to these amazing photos by fashion photographer Shae de Tar.  She hand-coulors each negative to create this magic.  The photos are obviously beautiful on their own but her painting adds an ethereal element that is both vibrant and subtle.  I'm really loving it, also obvious.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Ultimate House Party for Andi's B-day

 Birthday Girl!

 The lovely harp player

 Sam telling me his picture is worth $20

 So brave

Hello my dears.

On Thursday my friend Jahlelah hosted an amazing show/house party for our friend Andi's birthday.  There were three bands that performed, one local, one from Olympia, WA, and the last from Spain.  The Spanish band sang songs in Galecian, a form of Spanish that I discovered is strikingly similar to Portuguese so I was surprised and happy to be able to understand most of the songs.

On top of all the good music, Andi, the beautiful birthday girl, performed a few different belly dances throughout the night.  She is always so fun to take pictures of.  There was also a fire dance performance in the backyard.  I was sitting right next to the kids and one of the little boys talked loudly the whole time about how brave the man dancing was for "touching the fire." It was hilarious and so cute.  Everyone was laughing about it.  I'm sure the fire dancer got a little ego boost.

The night was a beautiful one.  Thank you to the bands for all your enchanting music.  Thank you Jahlelah, Zoe, Lance, Cooper (expert stamper and money taker), and of course Andi for hosting such a magical evening. <3