Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Haunted Corn Maze

Hi babes!

This weekend I went to Hawes Farm with some of my friends to go to the Haunted Maze.  I went to one once in high school but it wasn't very scary because there were so many other groups of people in the maze that we could tell where all the "actors" were stationed.  Hawes Farm has everything: a bouncy tubular thing that we jumped on to keep warm, an awesome band that I also danced to to keep warm,  zip lines, a scary clown maze, zombie paint-ball shooting, the epic maze, goats, tire swings that inspire one to pretending to be Miley Cyrus on her lovely wrecking ball... everything.

It was such a good night.  Being scared in controlled settings like this is so fun, in my opinion.  It really made me feel festive! I'm even more excited for Halloween now.  Thank you Jenelle, Christy, Julia, Max, Rob, and Ryan for making it such a good night! <3



Saturday, October 4, 2014


Some collages to get you into the spooky spirit... BOO!

Happy Halloween season my <3s