Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bella Bellota at Sadiedeluxe | Psychic Sunday

As is becoming a weekly tradition, I packed my Sunday full of fun and friends.  It started out with me finishing sewing the circle skirt I started a month ago.  It fits me perfectly thanks to my mom's seamstress skillz.  

After I finished sewing I threw some old clothes and shoes into a box and headed over to Jahlelah's for yet another clothing swap.  I resigned myself to simply getting rid of clothes but I think I came home with just as many clothes as I brought.  At least I traded it for stuff I will actually wear! :) 

Then, Jahlelah and I headed up to Sadie's cute little boutique in Paradise, 15-20 minutes up the ridge.  Her shop, Sadiedeluxe is so lovely.  It was decorated with candles and fairy lights that gave everything a nice glow.  Beauty Alchemy, Claire Fong, and my love Bella Bellota, all sold their magical inventions on different tables around the shop while Ty (who modeled in the first Bella Bellota shoot) spun some tunes. 

Here are some photos from the evening at Sadiedeluxe: 


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Day in the Life

Hey babes,

I just got off work and finally ate some dinner.  Today was so busy at Boho that I never got a chance to get lunch.  I don't feel like going to dance class tonight... and I haven't for a couple weeks now.  Last week instead of going to my mom's class I went to an intermediate hip-hop class at Chico Creek Dance Centre.  Chico Creek has a hip-hop and jazz company called Full Force that I was on in high school.  I hadn't taken a class there since I was on the company.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be but everything I do kind of looks like Brazilian dance to me.  I would love to have hip-hop feel natural on my body again.  I didn't feel like going today probably as a result of the couple glasses of wine I had last night with some coworkers. 

Tonight I am going to see a dance performance at Laxson Auditorium with my mom to see a company called Pilobolus. The company is named after a prolific "barnyard fungus." It has been a long time since I saw a performance at Laxson and an especially long time since it has been one with dance.  It will probably be so inspiring that you won't be able to drag me out of a dance studio for the next month!


This Park is on Fire

My friend Sean and I utilized my one day off this week and tried to capture the magical Chico Fall in Lower Bidwell Park. I have been loving having my Sundays open for a combination of photography and friends.  We had a slow start to the day so I wasn't sure how much time we would have for getting in a groove but apparently we didn't need a lot of time.  We are both really happy with the outcome! I hope you like the photos!

All photos by Sean Peeler

Dress | Three Sixty Ecotique 
Sweater | Antropologie 
Sandals | Vintage 
Lipstick | Rose by Elizabeth Arden 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bella Bellota

I am sooooo excited to share this project with you! One of my best friends, Jahlelah Francia, has started her own Etsy shop named Bella Bellota... beautiful acorn.  I have always known her to be creative but this specific talent of illustration was undisclosed to me, and perhaps even to her until fairly recently.  She has so much natural talent and such a gorgeous aesthetic that we all get to wear now on soft cotton tees, tanks, and sweatshirts!

I must admit that I would be eager to get behind my friends and support them even if I wasn't stoked on the project, because that is what friends do.  Therefore I am doubly stoked on Bella Bellota because my amazing, sweet, beautiful friend is behind it, and because the product is SO GOOD!

I took photos of the first batch of shirts that she ordered.  Jahlelah didn't have super high expectations on the first order... it was in her eyes an experiment.  The experiment has brimmed over mere success.  Everyone who has seen the clothes or had the privilege ;) of modeling them has fallen in love with the designs.  A local top-tier boutique/consignment shop called Three Sixty Ecotique bought all six of Jahlelah's designs and is currently displaying them in both their display windows.  No one deserves this success more than Jahlelah.  I am honored to be the first to photograph them and I hope to continue to do so!

Yay for amazing friends doing amazing things! I love you Jawlz!!!