Monday, August 10, 2015

A Weekend Recap

Hello beauties.

I had a busier weekend than usual which was actually really nice. I had lots of plans and managed to squeeze all of them in but one (Salsa night was the one casualty).

Friday night I went to see a coworker's band, The She Things, play at The Maltese. It was actually my first time there which is sort of crazy - Chico isn't big and you'd think I would have seen it all by now. After dancing my booty on to two sweet surf rock bands I met up with Jahlelah at The Bear where we ate chicken wings, met a very forward Brazilian guy (which prompted Jahlelah to tell him that he was reinforcing all Brazilian stereotypes, which prompted me to laugh really hard, which prompted him to be kind of confused and eventually leave us alone). Then we danced for five minutes before they told us they were shutting the dance floor down. It was so good to see her after her epic three week long road trip. Hallelujah she's home!

One of my oldest friends, Acacia, invited me to her company block party that started at 4pm on Saturday. A well-known local band called Mystic Roots played, which was kind of a funny pick because they're a reggae band that sings a lot about smoking weed and it wasn't the kind of crowd that eats that stuff up. To remedy that, there was free alcohol, food, games etc. Plus, two of Acacia's friends from Maryland who are doing a mean cross-country road trip  came along so it was nice to meet them.

Sunday was Jahlelah's son, Cooper's birthday. It was an epic Star Wars themed party with a bounce house/water slide combo that us girls definitely commandeered a few times. I was silly to not have brought a swimsuit and wore lacy underwear, but luckily they matched my bra so I didn't get reprimanded by any little boys haha.

After going to the gym I took Zeus for a sunset stroll ...  a really lovely end to a bustling few days. Life is good and things are moving.

My mom and brother get back from their respective trips in the next day or so which is going to make for a busy house. I am going to look at a room for rent on Wednesday though, so my escape may be near. Cross your fingers and toes for me.



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