Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy News | New Place!

Soooo, I mentioned a while back that I was looking for a place ... and that place has been found!

I have been living at home with my mom for the past year, saving money for some big purchases like my big beautiful camera and my new car, but it has definitely been feeling like it's time to fly the coop.

I found a house two blocks from the park with a couple my age. He is a firefighter and she is a grad student in social work. The place has a nice backyard, a doggy, and I even get my own bathroom! However, the best part of all is that it is a couple blocks away from my best friend Jahlelah's new place! I'll be moving in the first of the month because my brother Raoul is leaving for Los Angeles this week, and I want to be home to hang out with him as much as possible beforehand.

I have never not lived at home in Chico so in some ways it will be a whole new experience. I am beyond excited to have space that is REALLY mine and to get to know my new roomies and bug Jahlelah alll the time :)

Room photos will be posted as soon as it's all in place!

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