Monday, August 24, 2015

Solo Djourneyriving com Gêmeas

I've always loved to drive,
Back then it was an eight seater Buick Station Wagon
Drove like bus,
Gliding like a whale in water ...
No wonder I loved that thing

First solo drive at sixteen
Purposefully took a wrong turn
On my way to Rachel's
No one to tell me I'm taking the long way
Wasting gas does not exist in this world

I've never wasted a drop,
It's always taken me exactly where I was meant to go,
Avoiding potholes on Oakland back-streats
At fifty miles an hour
Unfazed city driver - Papa would be proud

This time it took me on orchard roads,
Where the steady pace of trees,
All order and grid gaps,
Makes me feel disorderly - from my loose
Hand on the wheel to my loose grip on reality

I don't think I've ever been more happy and more confused
I sprawl in a comfort I've never known across my QUEEN
Of a bed
I wake in the night with an ease in my heart
That can only mean I'm doing something right

But the confusion, the question marks ???
Where do they come from?
I search my Achilles heel for a soft spot
A patch of mismatched skin
Until I'm bruised from the poking and prodding

Leave me be, mystery,
My gemini has me on both sides - the want
The need to solve,
That is me,
But then, there's the me that surrenders

She's new, or just my awareness of her is
She's utterly unwilling to budge from her fate
She's beautiful in her boldness
And she gives 0 fucks that you have a
Mystery to solve

She's just fine,
She's better than ever,
She's ready to sleep and wake up with a body high
That she'll use to show you
You're doing something right.


The poems just keep spilling and I think I'll keep sharing them as they come <3

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