Sunday, August 16, 2015

Traveling Partners

Check-in and then quickly check-out,
Don't think too long about how you feel,
Feel comfort in lies you tell yourself

Lie still only when you sleep,
Sleep without dreaming,
Dream of happier times without reaching for them

Reach only for the remote.

No, reach.

Accept that you are learning,
And learning is uncomfortable,
Like shedding skin,
Detaching in pieces that you must sit with,
Until the whole layer is ready to be slithered off

Dunk yourself in river water and let the surface above you
Twinkle and sway like the universe itself,
Fall suddenly from your thoughts of nervousness
Of what the future will hold
Into a calm and enveloping excitement for the adventures ahead

For you and the universe are the oldest traveling partners
And she has never steered you wrong

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