Tuesday, September 8, 2015


A couple months ago I did something fancy at the gym and somehow pulled a rib out of place. The misplaced rib consequently pulled two vertebrae out of place and by the end of the week I was tearing up at my desk at work from the pain and had to ask to go home because I couldn't lift a dress, much less write about it. The chiropractor popped me back into place and I've been fine until ...

I woke up this morning with the same twinge in my back - and it got progressively worse all day! I went to my mom's dance class after work hoping I would magically dance it into place, but I don't think that happened. I'm hoping sleeping will ;) The chiropractor has been called, just in case.

Yesterday I went to a going away party for my friends Brett and Paige that I went to high school with. We all work together at LuLu*s and Brett and I are both on the Creative team. He got into grad school in Oregon (whoop!) and so he and Paige are leaving us! It was a very fun evening despite everyone being sad to see them go. The party was up the hill a bit and the long, moon-filled ride along with the song below were a perfect combo on a nice Monday night drive. Windows downnnnn.

I want to make so many dances to these tunes of hers.

Pray for my tilty spine ;)


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