Sunday, July 24, 2016

So Much Good News


So, life is good and things have fallen into place in a way that screams "this is meant to be."

I mentioned to Lulus before I left Chico that I was moving to LA, where they have a small office and a handful of employees, and to keep me in mind if they were ever hiring there. Lucky me, a week after I moved down I was contacted by them and have filled a position as Administrative Assistant! It's such a fun office and it's nice to see a different aspect of the fashion business. I miss knowing exactly what I'm doing, but I'm sure all my new tasks will become second nature soon.

Also, I am moving to Long Beach this weekend! I found a place (with a little help from my friends) that is absolutely perfect. It's a house in a quiet neighborhood with a pool, hot tub, cute doggy, and even cuter roommate. The house is adorable and I can't wait to move in and have my own space again. Staying with my brother has been great, but I'm ready to have all my stuff in one place.

Hooray for literally everything working out so well and so fast! It is so validating to have the foundation for all my dreams being built beneath me, each piece coming together so I can jump with ease into all the opportunities coming my way.

Thank you Universe,


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